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My Robot Education Sdn. Bhd. (1116429-U)
Professional in Primary and Secondary School Robotics Innovation

This is the era where robotics have become more important than ever before. Robots have been widely used to assist humans in a lot of repetitive and dangerous tasks. With the goal to engage today’s youths in robotics, My Robot Education Sdn. Bhd. ( was founded in 2015 as the first robotics education centre in Malaysia to provide Arduino-based robotics courses for youths. We believe that engaging in robotics activities could help to stimulate youths’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Despite the importance of robotics education, most of the youths in Malaysia does not have the chance to learn robotics. Our vision is to be able to provide robotics education to every youth in Malaysia. 

As experts in robotics education, has carefully designed different robotics courses to provide unique robotics learning experience for students in different ages. We have designed our own Arduino compatible product, Inno for primary school student to ease their learning in robotics. Besides that, is also collaborating with University of Malaya to offer the most comprehensive robotics course for secondary school students, which the syllabus would cover basics of Arduino, electronics, 3D modelling, 3D printing, industrial robotics and many more. In addition, we are also providing robotics parts to encourage more people to learn robotics and create their own projects. Moreover, is also providing customize solutions and training for wide range of robotics projects.  

Unlike other robotics education centres in Malaysia, we are providing robotics classes with the most affordable monthly fees, because we want every youths in Malaysia to have the chance to learn robotics. Besides that, we are also encouraging our students to be creative and innovative by funding them in creating their own products for innovation competitions. Currently, more than 100 students have enrolled with us. We are glad that some of our students have even won some robotics competitions. vowed to provide the most unique robotics experience for our students. The experiences in robotics education with extensive industry knowledge makes your ideal choice in robotics education.   

Team Achievements:

Total achievement (since 2015): 74 awards
74 (29 Gold; 18 Silver; 12 Bronze; 15 Other)

16th January 2017 - Congratulations to our student Wong Jia Lerk & Wong Jia Hern from Sri Sempurna International School won Champion & 1st Runner-Up for RC Sumo Robot Competition and Our tutor, Lim See Chong, won 3rd Runner-Up for Auto Sumo Robot Competition at 24th Singapore Robotic Games 2017, Science Center Singapore.

28th November 2016 - Congratulations to our robotics team won Champion. 1st Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up for Fighting Robot Competition (FRC) 2016 at MIECC.
Champion: See Chong Lim Slash 1 - Slash Robotics Club
1st Runner-up: Jia Wei Siew SMKSK 1 - SMK Seri Kembangan
2nd Runner-up: Lim Jun How Slash 2 - Slash Robotics Club

27th November 2016 - Congratulations to our student Wong Jia Hern & Wong Jia Lerk won Best Design Awards for UniKL RoBattle Competition 2016 @UniKL, Bangi.

19th Nov 2016 - Congratulations to our student (Lim Jun How & Siew Jia Wei) won Champion & 1st Runner-up for Malaysia Robotics Gamez 2016 - Line Following Robot @Segi College, Subang.

13th Nov 2016 - Congratulations to our robotics competition team (Slash Robotics Team) won Overall Champion for myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016 @MCMC, Cyberjaya.
Total 14 awards won by Slash Robotics Team.
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12th Nov 2016 - Congratulations to our tutor (Lim Yuet Yung & team) won Champion for Penang International Science Fair (PISF) Sumo Robot Competition @SPICE, Penang.

7th Nov 2016 - Congratulations to our student won Champion, 1st Runner-Up, 2nd Runner-Up & Royal Rumble for Battle Robotics Competition  @UTeM.
Champion: Infinity - Wong Jia Hern (Sri Sempurna International School)
1st Runner-Up: Undefeated - SMK Bukit Mewah
2nd Runner-Up: Innovator - Wong Jia Lerk (Sri Sempurna International School)
Royal Rumble: Slash 1 - Lim Jun How (SMK Seri Kembangan)

 20th Oct 2016 - Congratulations to our tutors (Lim Yuet Yung & Lim See Chong) won Champion & 1st Runner-Up for Battle Robotics Competition  @Taylor's University.

9th Oct 2016 - Congratulations to our tutors (Lim Yuet Yung & Seet Yuan Chen) won Champion for SEA Makerthon 2016 @MCMC, Cyberjaya.
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6th Oct 2016 - Congratulations to our tutor (Lim See Chong) won Champion for Battle Robotics Competition  @UniSZA, Terengganu.

26th May 2016 - Our tutors (Lim See Chong, Wong Xing Yik, Chew Sze Soon, Kelvin Lim & Choo Hui Kang) won Champions for both Line Following Robot & Terrain Racing at Asia Pacific Robotics Competition (APRoC 2016), APU, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

14th May 2016 - Congratulations to our student from SMK Bukit Mewah & Sri Sempurna International School won Champion, 1st Runner-Up & 2nd Runner-Up for Robot Rumblez (open category), Penang Science Cluster.

30th April 2016 - Congratulations to our student from SMK Bukit Mewah & Chung Hua High School won Champion & 2nd Runner-Up for Soccer Robot Category, Roboteam Innovation Challenge (RIC'16), IIUM, Gombak.

19th March 2016 - Congratulations to our tutor (Mr. Chew) who currently studying in University of Malaya (Postgraduate) won Champion for RoboArms Challenge 2016 which is organized by University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). 

6th March 2016 - We have successfully co-organized Malaysia Robotics Championship (MRC) with Malaysia Robotics Engineering Association (MREA) at Stadium Tertutup MPSJ, Seri Kembangan. Total 198 teams participated in this event.
Our student from SMK Bukit Mewah & Sri Sempurna International School won Champion for Both Sumo Robot Senior & Junior category.

21st November 2015 - Congratulations to our students for their outstanding achievement in National Level Sumo Robot Competition, Malaysia Robotics Gamez 2015 at SK Seafield, Selangor. Total 92 teams participate in this competition for both primary and secondary school level.
Primary School (Junior):
Champion: Wong Jia Lerk (7 y/o) - SJKC Serdang Baru 2
1st Runner-Up: Darren Wong - SJKC Kwong Hon
2nd Runner-Up: Tai Ken Jet & Tai Ken Yen - SJKC Serdang Baru 2
3rd Runner-Up: Tan Jun Hao - SJKC Serdang Baru 2
Secondary School (Senior):
Champion: Chow Wei Sheng & Tam Jun Kit - SMK Bukit Mewah
18th October 2015 - Our students (Lim Jun How, Chai Wen Kai, Lim Keat Chun, Siew Jia Wei, Ng Jia Yong, Low Shuang Yao) won Gold Award (Robot Dance) & Silver Award (School) 2015 IEEE-RAS International Robot PRIDE Competition (PRIDE2015), Langkawi.
9th September 2015 - Our R&D team won 3rd Prize for The Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2015 at Pahang Skills Development Centre, Kuantan by using Low Cost Exoskeleton Legs (LoCEL) as our project tittle. 

8th August 2015 - We have successfully organized Fighting Robot Competition (FRC) at SMK Seri Kembangan. Total 102 teams participated in RC combat robot, autonomous sumo robot, humanoid fighting robot and RC sumo robot competitions. 

11th June 2015 - Our tutor (Lim See Chong from TarUC) won Champions for Fire Fighting Robot, Terrain Racing Robot and Autonomous Sumo Robot at Asia Pacific Robotics Competition (APRoC 2015), APU, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

24th May 2015 - Our students and tutors won 5 Champions, 4 First Runner-Up, 3 Second Runner-Up and 3 Best Design Award for Kung-Fu Fighting Robot, Tunnel Escape Robot (School and Open) and Survival Robot (School and Open) at Robot Games 2015, Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015, Dataran Gemilang, Putrajaya.